I have been attending Lisa’s clubbercise class since in launched in pitsea back in October last year and I absolutely love it! Getting fit whilst dancing away to some wicked tunes what more could you ask for?

It really is good fun and I can feel that my fitness level has increased since I started. Lisa creates such a good atmosphere and is a fantastic instructor and makes you feel very welcome

Kate Leach


Been going Clubbercise with Lisa since September last year and absolutely love it. I’m not a gym person or regular to exercise but there is something special and addictive about Clubbercise. You forget about doing the exercise and just have fun doing it! It’s just like squeezing a night out dancing into 45 mins! The atmosphere is fab in the dark with all the glow lights, the music is brilliant – I end up losing concentration singing along lol and Lisa is a great leader! I’ve definitely seen the effects from going.

I’ve lost weight and I’m generally feeling more toned especially my arms – good bye bingo wings! You get an all over workout and go home hot and sweaty but feeling fab! 100% recommend!

Laura Chapman


I started the 28 day challenge in April. I am delighted with the results. The eating plan is great and has been a change for life. I am still enjoying the fitness classes and go 2-3 times a week. I have now lost a stone and have dropped the dress size. My husband has also enjoyed the recipes and he has lost a stone as well.


28 day challenge and fitness classes

I have attended this class since August 2014 and still thoroughly enjoy it! The group is very friendly and welcoming and Lisa makes exercise so much fun. If we miss a step we laugh with each other and not at each other. There is no lycra insight (except for Lisa) and it works. If you want to exercise in a friendly and fun. atmosphere bookyourself into one of Lisa’s classes!

Terry Mills

Fun Class To Get Toned Up

I am very happy I have completed 28 day challenge. My goal was removing the toxins from my body by completing 10 day cleanse and I also wanted to improve my eating habits.

The workshop was really interesting with plenty of info on why we put on weight and what stress and hormones have to do with that. Lisa provided a lot of recipes for ‘clean food’. They were really tasty, filling, easy and quick to prepare. I loved herby meatballs with spicy tomato sauce, red lentil and sweet potato soup, pineapple and coconut milk smoothie and many more!

The unlimited pass for fitness classes that came with the pack gave me opportunity to try different classes; Zumba, Metafit and Total Body Tone with the music from the 80’s! They were good fun and really efficient!

I will definitely continue with the classes and my new improved menu. It was great experience! Thanks, Lisa! xx


28 Day Challenge

I completed Lisa’s drop a dress size challenge which ran for 28 days during April. A result of which I lost almost a stone in weight through pure healthy eating & exercise. I tried going it alone in Jan as have a desperate need for a lifestyle change….lost weight then fell off the wagon. Got back into it but fell off the wagon again – it was so hard going it alone & keeping the momentum going. Attended Lisa’s 2nd workshop & was totally inspired by the advice she was giving. Did the challenge & lost almost a stone & shrank in size, I was thrilled to pieces. Everyone now tells me how much weight I have lost. I also suffered with anxiety & panic attacks but since my diet change, these seem to have completely disappeared. For all of you thinking of making a change, DO IT NOW !! Register to attend one of Lisa’s workshops – you will be surprised what you learn. Personally, I cannot thank Lisa enough for her constant support & encouragement – thank u Lisa ! I now exercise 2/3 times a week & am thoroughly enjoying being part of classes which are fun & full of really lovely ladies – long may it continue!! So my advice would be if you are thinking of making a lifestyle change – stop thinking & go for it !! Good luck with your journey, mine will continue:-).

Debra Etheridge

Enjoying Myself Getting Fit Again !!

I have gone from an unhappy fatty to a happier and healthier person that no longer dreads shopping for clothes. It’s all thanks to Lisa and her fantastic Zumba class. All eyes are on Lisa, so there’s no need to worry if you make a wrong move. With the lights out and just the disco lights to add to the party atmosphere you feel less self conscious too.

When i first started Zumba I had no idea how much it would improve not only my body shape, but my confidence and happiness too. It gives you a great buzz and you burn calories!

If you’re looking for a fitness class to try I would definitely highly recommend this one! With classes during the day and evening there’s no excuse not to 🙂 Come and join the fun!

So grateful to you Lisa, thanks X


Zumba - Dance yourself into shape

I’ve just completed Lisa’s Drop a Dress Size programme and feel healthier and full of energy. It was easy to follow as it’s not a diet but sensible choices of eating so much so I lost a stone in the first month and 8cm around my waist, 4cm around my hips and 5cm around my arms . My shape has changed and I can see a waist at last. I can get into the trousers that didn’t zip up at the beginning of January. The recipes are delicious and guess what the rest of the family like them too. The support and encouragement I have had from Lisa has been exceptional. I can’t wait to get into the swimming costumes for my holidays in August. Why not give it a go you’ve got nothing to lose but inches!!


Drop a Dress Size

I have been to 3 Zumba classes run by Lisa, and I cannot wait for the next class. I have always found working out at the gym a chore and fitness classes quite impersonal. Since attending Lisa’s class, I have seen the benefits, and had so much fun, that I look forward to the next class. I currently attend twice a week. I am hoping to attend 3 sessions a week and try the LBT class also.

If you would like to keep fit and want to have fun whilst keeping fit, please try one of Lisa’s classes. You will be hooked.

You have the option to Pay As You Go and it is very affordable. The music is great and the disco lights are the icing on the cake.

Fola Odujinrin

Fun Workout Class!

I have only recently started attending Lisa’s classes. The metafit class is a short but high in intensity and you never know what to expect! Definitely recommend to anyone no matter what ability or level of fitness. I can’t wait to see the benefits from this by feeling stronger and more physically fit.

I have also attended my first Zumba class today and I enjoyed every second. The lights were off, disco lights were on, Lisa was on the stage full of energy it made everyone really go for it. Had so much fun but most definitely had a good cardio work out. Lots of variety will certainly attend once a week along with metafit.

So glad I went a tried it, Lisa is so welcoming and makes you feel comfortable so don’t hesitate to take part.

Keeley chapman

Highly recommend!

I remember my first Metafit class as it was a one to one session. My aim was to get fit for my brothers wedding. My first thoughts were ohh this is easy then 5 minutes in I really felt the muscles I never knew existed. I kept saying to Lisa I can’t do this, her response was ‘yes you can, you can do it, I finished the class feeling sick, my legs where wobbly & exhausted. I went 2 days later to do it all again & I worked through the pain. It got easier but Lisa makes you work harder. All together I done 3 Metafit classes, 2 Zumba & 1 LBT in a week for 3 months including eating healthy I lost 1 & half stone. My aim was complete, I couldn’t of done it without Lisa’s positivity in me. I gotta admit I don’t do as many classes now due to work commitments but I still go as and when I can. It’s worth doing the classes as you get great results. I can now do proper press ups. Hehe. Enjoy. x

Vicki Jenkins

Lost a stone & half in 3 months

Meta fit class has been great for me. I really enjoy the classes. Initially they are challenging but very quickly classes became easier as I got stronger.

My mobility and flexibility has improved significantly. Tasks like lifting the shopping out of car boot is so much easier. I feel younger, fitter and certainly not fatter. The compliments are good too! You too could have the same results.

Don’t delay. Come along and join us. Everyone is made very welcome.

Maria Hayes 50+

Get fitter not Fatter!

I am not a gym bunny so this class was perfect as it’s short and sweet! But my god I remember the first class, stairs were a challenge the next day! I wasn’t giving up after the first attempt and 4 months later I am hooked twice a week and I have toned up and lost a stone! It’s good fun everyone is friendly and Lisa is a fab instructor. Lisa has pushed me every week to improve my fitness – never thought I’d be proud of my bum! Thanks Lis x

Kelly Young

Metafit best workout EVER!!

I attended Lisas LBT class and i was so impressed. Its the best LBT class ive ever done and felt it was very beneficial. I was so impressed with Lisa that i also attended her zumba class to which she made so enjoyable and at the same time you felt you had had a great workout. Im now gonna try her metafit class tomorrow for the first time…i cant wait. Thanks Lisa for affordable and enjoyable classes with great results! X

Sharon macdonald

Best LBT workout ever!!!

After attending my first metafit class with Lisa I knew I was going to be hooked! I’m looking forward to seeing the affects that metafit has on my body specially after just having a baby 10 weeks ago. I will also be checking out Lisa’s Zumba class too:-)

Thanks Lisa for providing pay as you go classes at convenient times for us all. Xx

Jade Thomas

Amazing Metafit Class

I am hooked on Metafit! Wow this class is amazing, it’s fast and effective, don’t get me wrong the first few weeks are hard and you ache in places you didn’t know you could, but once you get over the shock it’s fun and challenging.

I train twice a week with Lisa and she makes it easy to join in and is very friendly and warm to all her crew! This is a high intensity workout that is over within 30 mins and that includes the warm up and warm down. Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

Vicki Wall

No pain no gain!

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