I am a Mum with no childcare so how can I get fit?

I have lots of options for Mummies with Buggies and no childcare is needed at the classes that run during the day as you can bring your baby along with you. If you can escape at night when you might have childcare, there are lots of options to enjoy a fun class which will help you get fit, tone up and lose weight.

I am a qualified Post and Ante Natal Instructor and am here to help you get back in your skinny jeans safely and effectively. Even if you were not fit before your pregnancy its important to get fit after giving birth to help your body cope with the physical demands of being a Mum.

You can join any of the classes at anytime 6 weeks after giving birth (12 weeks if you had a caesarian) and once you have obtained the all clear from your doctor.

Please note that buggies are not compulsory in the day classes and anyone is welcome to join. Whether your baby is 6 weeks old or 16 years old if you are free during the day and you want to get fit you should come and join in.

Buggy Bootcamp

At Buggy Bootcamp its a case of ‘no childcare, no problem’ as baby comes too.

This is an outdoor class and therefore you must come dressed for the outdoors and the great British weather! A waterproof ‘pack a mack’ is a handy accessory along with a towel and a rain cover for your buggy just incase. Wear trainers / sports shoes that you are not too worried about as they may get a bit dirty. Apart from that bring water and wear a good sports bra and layers so that you can take off some layers as you get warmer.

You will get to make new friends and may even need to compete against them whenever there are team activities to join in with! Classes need to be booked as a course (you can join at any time if there are classes running and you will pay only for the remaining sessions of that course). Please note that locations can be subject to change so check before setting off or register for class updates via text to ensure you are immediately informed about changes to the schedule of classes.

Please note that Buggy Bootcamp classes are seasonal and run as courses (usually between Spring and throughout the Summer during term time) you can join at any time if there are classes running and you will pay only for the remaining sessions of that course.


Metafit classes are only 30 minutes long and they run during the day so are ideal for Mums who want to get fit and want fast results yet they are short of time to spend on themselves due to being a Mum. You can bring your baby with you so no need to find childcare. I always recommend Metafit for anyone wanting to lose weight and burn fat as it is such a powerfully effective workout. The only way you won’t get results with Metafit is if you stop coming to class. Its a tough workout initially but thats because it works and soon you will be stronger, leaner, fitter and with more energy. You don’t have to be fit to get started with Metafit as there are easier regressions of all of the exercises that you can follow until your fitness level increases. Day time Metafit classes need to be booked as a course (you can join at any time if there are classes running and you will pay only for the remaining sessions of that course).


If you can escape at night for some ‘me’ time this is the ideal class to consider coming along to. Get ready to party nightclub style when the kids have gone to bed and dance your way to fitness with your girlfriends. It turns your workout into a night out which is great if you don’t get to go ‘out out’ anymore due to being a Mum! Come along, have some fun let your hair down!!

Zumba / Zumba Gold

If you love music and dancing with lots of variety then you should consider coming to Zumba or Zumba Gold. If you have a sleeping baby you can bring them to a Daytime Zumba Gold class as there is space at the edge of the hall for your buggy and the music isn’t too loud. Zumba has been helping ladies all over the world to get fit, tone up and lose weight since it was launched back in the 90’s.

80’s Total Body Tone

If you can escape at night for some ‘me’ time and you love 80’s music and want to tone up, you will love this class! Like Clubbercise, it is more like being on a night out with the girls and you can sing along to the best hits of the 80’s which will leave you feeling happy and energised! Don’t forget your leg warmers!!

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