What will Metafit do for me?

  • It will change the shape of your body as lean muscle is more dense than fat but takes up less space
  • You will burn fat in your sleep due to the ‘afterburner’ effect
  • It is designed to boost your fitness level, core strength and build lean muscle in your body
  • It will give you amazing results especially in a short space of time when paired with my Kickstart Slim Club and Clean Up to Lean Up

Metafit – the original 30 min workout that has you burning fat in your sleep. Suitable for all fitness levels as there are easier options for beginners to follow.

What is Metafit?

  • Metafit is the original 30 min non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout
  • HIIT stands for High intensity interval training which is an exercise strategy that alternates periods of work with a rest and causes an ‘afterburner’ effect meaning you go home and burn fat for up to 24 hours after the workout has ended
  • With a faster Metabolism, your body burns more calories at rest meaning you have to do a lot less to get your desired results

Metafit for Beginners

Note that Beginners are welcome to join METAFIT classes. You don’t have to be fit to get going, you don’t have to keep up with anyone apart from yourself. There are easier regressions of the exercises to help get you started if you are a Metafit newbie. Soon you will be doing Metafit how it was intended to be done…at full power for maximum FAT BURNING!

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Metafit for Mums

Metafit runs during the day for mums to attend. As its only a 30 minute class you are welcome to bring your baby along. Day time Metafit classes need to be booked as a course (you can join at any time if there are classes running and you will pay only for the remaining sessions of that course). Please therefore contact Lisa by clicking the ‘register my interest’ enquiry button or call on 07970285056 to find out if any classes are currently running.

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Metafit Success Stories

I am not a gym bunny so this class was perfect as it’s short and sweet! But my god I remember the first class, stairs were a challenge the next day! I wasn’t giving up after the first attempt and 4 months later I am hooked twice a week and I have toned up and lost a stone! It’s good fun everyone is friendly and Lisa is a fab instructor. Lisa has pushed me every week to improve my fitness – never thought I’d be proud of my bum! Thanks Lis x

Kelly Young

Metafit best workout EVER!!

After attending my first metafit class with Lisa I knew I was going to be hooked! I’m looking forward to seeing the affects that metafit has on my body specially after just having a baby 10 weeks ago. I will also be checking out Lisa’s Zumba class too:-)

Thanks Lisa for providing pay as you go classes at convenient times for us all. Xx

Jade Thomas

Amazing Metafit Class

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