I am approaching or over fifty and would like to feel fitter and have fun while meeting up with friends during the day…

There are huge benefits for everyone of all ages to keep fit and this is especially the case as we get older, when an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Exercise is an essential part of a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise can actually slow the symptoms of ageing. By staying active, older adults can actually keep their cardiovascular fitness, metabolism, and muscle function in line with those of much younger people. And not only is exercise good for your body, it’s also good for your mind, mood, and memory. Attending dance classes can help improve your balance and co-ordination and it can even improve the efficiency of brain activity associated with memory which can help to retain independence in later life and prevent diseases of the mind including alzheimers and dementia.

My classes are also a place to make and meet new friends. Come and join us we are a friendly group and we offer a warm welcome to new members. Free tea and coffee is served after the Zumba Gold classes that are held during the day so you can enjoy a catch up with friends after your class. We also meet regularly for lunches in the Community which provides an opportunity for a social meeting up with old and new friends.

Ladies who lunch! Zumba Gold ladies out enjoying a friendly and social lunch together.

Zumba Gold

If you feel a bit unfit and are around during the day, Zumba Gold classes are the ideal place to get started. These classes are suitable for anyone to attend who needs a slower paced class. I have even had a few pregnant ladies who have joined the class before now!

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