What is Buggy Bootcamp?

Every class is different but a typical hour class will include the following:

  • A brisk walk around the park with your buggy to warm up
  • 15 mins of aerobics to music (as everything is better with music!)
  • 10 mins Cardio and toning exercises done from behind your buggy so that your little one is kept entertained
  • 20 mins Cardio and core strength building circuit involving a variety of exercises including skipping, boxing, jogging (or power walking) hula hooping and also exercises using resistance elastic bands
  • 10 mins Cool down which includes pelvic floor sequences and stretching

Mummies and Buggies Outdoor Bootcamp Class is a fun, circuit style workout that incorporates your buggy and will leave you feeling energised and more toned.

What will I get out of joining Buggy Bootcamp?

  • Lose your baby weight
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Opportunity to meet other mums locally
  • Reduce your stress levels and give you some ‘me’ time
  • Build your fitness and prepare you for the demands of motherhood
  • Give you back your body confidence

Please note that Buggy Bootcamp classes are seasonal and run as courses (usually between Spring and throughout the Summer during term time) you can join at any time if there are classes running and you will pay only for the remaining sessions of that course. Please therefore contact Lisa by clicking the ‘register my interest’ enquiry button or call on 07970285056 to find out if any classes are currently running.

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Tel: 07970 285056
Email: info@fitandfab.co.uk
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